Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lost Keys and Miracles 6/6/16

This week was pretty great!!! Lots of amazing things are happening!!! So on Thursday we lost the keys to the pick up....I lost the keys to the pick up....we couldn't find them anywhere!!! This is like the first time I lost something on my mission other than a thousand pens. But anyways. So because I lost the keys we had to walk to our appointment and he ended up not being there so we went to knock on some other houses and a car honks at us and stops in the middle of the street and it turns out to be a former investigator! She was in the process of moving into her moms house down the street! It was really cool because we wouldn't have seen her if it weren't for walking. We were able to help her move and we talked to her and her husband and her mom and her mom seems like she has quite a bit potential! But we found the keys the next day in some grass at a less actives!! Crazy! We also went tracting this week and found a new investigator who is pretty awesome! Her name is Heather and she seems pretty open :) We also had a zone service activity at the camp our members own! It was super fun!!! On Saturday we went and contacted quite a bit of less actives. It made my heart hurt seeing all of these people who had a lot of light in their life and now turned away from it. There was one family and the dad had served a mission, been sealed in the temple, went to BYU-I and woke up one day and decided he was atheist. It was really sad. But we are going to work with him and his wife.
Our mission president asked us to write a talk on the influence of the Savior in our lives. As I was writing this talk something clicked and everything the Lord asks us to go through, every hard thing he asks of us, he's volunteering himself to go through it as well. Christ's life wasn't easy and our life isn't meant to be either. A lot of times though we feel to question God and ask him why we have to go through certain challenges. There was a quote on one of our investigator's walls that said, "If God brings you too it, He'll see you through it." Not only does he see us through it, the Savior goes through it with us. He gives us trials knowing he will feel the pain of that trial as well. This gives me a whole lot of strength knowing that because the Savior knows how much each trial will benefit me, he is willing to feel the exact same thing I feel as I go through the trial. Well I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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