Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Temple!! 9/19/16

Hey Guys!!!

This week was pretty awesome!! I had MLC and got to see my trainer and other missionaries I haven't gotten to see in a while! And we learned a lot of cool things to start doing and I just left there feeling super inspired :) I also got to go on exchanges with one of the sisters in my zone and we had some crazy good experiences!! So the Bishop wanted us to start teaching a lady who got into some anti and had her name removed two years ago but she started coming back to church and wants to be rebaptized! So we had a lesson with her and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had! She told us that she would go to all of these other churches and she never felt the Spirit. She said she felt like they were more for entertainment than for spiritual learning. Anyways she said that she kept getting promptings to come back to church but she had been pretty negative on social media so she was kind of scared to come back but she had a dream that basically made her feel like everything was going to be okay! She's awesome and it's so cool to see people come back! We also had an amazing lesson with Chester (our investigator). He's so close to figuring everything out! We also got a new investigator this week! She is GOLDEN!!!!!!!! When we met with her she started talking about how there was so many churches and they all said that they were right but she just couldn't figure out which one she should go to. She always felt like something was missing.....Sound familiar? haha so we immediately started telling her the Joseph Smith story and about the First Vision and the Spirit was really strong! At the end she said that she wanted her family to hear our message too! Isn't that crazy? We're super excited about her! 
We also got to go to the TEMPLE :D It was amazing!!!! Tasha got to do the work for her Grandma and I felt like her grandma accepted the work :) It was really neat to watch! We went to the Kansas City Temple in Missouri! 
So one morning while we were walking to the gym in our apartment complex we stopped to put a letter in the mail and there's this door next to the mailboxes that you put a code in and you can go in. Well there was a notice that went to all of the residents that there was a pet spa in this room and also some new snack machines....so naturally I wanted to check this out haha. Well we check it out and it's pretty neat and we go to leave this room and the door won't open! We were stuck in that room for 20 minutes!!!!! We had the windows open trying to yell at people to help us hahahaha. Finally we got someone who heard us. That was our adventure for the week :D 

Well I love you all!!

Sister Larmouth

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