Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Centerton!! 12/19/16

Hey Guys!!!

Guess what?!?!?!?!?! So remember how like 3 months ago or so I told ya'll about Kristine Collins whose husband was murdered and she told her coworker that we were messengers from God and her coworker was a bishop and he told us that she would be the miracle of our mission??? So the sisters went and knocked on her door last Tuesday and she said to come back on Friday or Saturday. We were going to go on Saturday but it had rained and the temperatures dropped and we weren't supposed to be out on the roads because everything was stinking frozen and then there was snow stuff to top it off so we couldn't go visit her but then on Sunday we stopped by and she came out in the freezing (really really really really cold) to talk to us and she started crying and was saying that she has been super stressed financially and emotionally because of Christmas and it was so heartbreaking. She told us that she doesn't have enough money so her kids can have Christmas this year so my comp and I are going to get them Christmas and we are going there on Friday to do service with her and then teach her afterwards! Also my companion was super inspired to ask her if she would like to attend our Christmas service on Sunday and she said she really wants to because her church isn't having church on Christmas and so she's going to come to church!!!!!!!!!!!! Agh I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for her!!!!
It's been really fun to see everyone again and to meet all of the new investigators!! This area is looking pretty promising right now. We have a couple families we are teaching and it's the best!!! Saturday the temperatures were dropping quite a bit.....lots and lots and we were advised to not drive a lot on Sunday either so my companion still has that greenie fire and wanted to walk to church....so we bundled up quite a bit and walked the hour to church haha. We got a ride home though because the roads weren't bad at all. But it took us a couple hours to thaw out haha. Church was cancelled but they had a sacrament meeting at 1 that we went to so I wasn't able to see all of my people. But we have had a great 1/2 week so far!!! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!! Love you!!

Sister Larmouth

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