Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Preach my Gospel Missionaries 6/13/16

This week was super good!! We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators, Isaac, and he is cruising through the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized. He brought up himself church and he wants to change his schedule so he can come! That's super exciting. We are kind of cleaning out our teaching pool and only teaching the people who have potential or who are going to progress. So we dropped a couple people this week as well. We had a great time at zone conference and learned a lot!!! There was a video shared about Abraham and Isaac and it was heartbreaking to see what Abraham had to go through but how he held nothing back from the Lord.
We are still working on becoming preach my gospel missionaries!!! From the talk by Elder Bednar. Chester came to church this Sunday but he never came in! He sat in his car and then drove away and it was really sad. One of our members said she saw him in his car. We are still trying to help him recognize his answers. Because he's received so many!!! Hopefully he'll be able to recognize them soon!!
Sister Larmouth

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