Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Joplin 10/3/16

Hey Guys!

This has been a crazy couple of days! We shotgunned in the Joplin 2nd ward and we replaced Elders so you can imagine what our apartment looks like haha. It's pretty bad. Like really bad. But it's okay because we get to clean the whole thing today! Also, I found out that it's a biking area....so there's that haha. We actually got major chastised during conference from the Yamashita guy from the Seventy. We felt really bad about complaining about riding bikes after that talk. We've actually managed to not ride bikes since we've got here haha. We've gotten extremely skilled at networking rides with members which also gets them really involved in the work. So that's a plus. And we found out there's a trolley system in Joplin so we can ride that! It'll be great. We have met so many amazing members. They all love to tell us about their missionary work (the ones that we've met) and we're pretty sure that the Joplin 2nd ward is going to turn into the city of Enoch haha. We've only been here 4 days and we've already seen a lot of miracles! Our second day here and our first day meeting people, we went to contact an investigator but he wasn't there. His mother-in-law wanted to take his place and wanted us to teach her! So that was pretty neat! Turns out she's super prepared to hear the gospel and accepted an invitation to be baptized! She also said that she really wants to find something positive in her life...so yeah. She's amazing. She was going to watch a general conference session with us at the church on Saturday but she went to the hospital :( 
Speaking of General Conference, it was sooooooooooooo good!! I'm really sad it's over but we're going to try to watch the priesthood session sometime so we've got a little more left. I just felt so inspired and it was so cool to see how all of the subjects worked together! There were definitely a lot of themes! Missionary work was a big one. Elder Oaks talk was one of my favorites! He gave so many good tips for missionary work no matter what part of the world you're in! Even Utah! No excuses guys! I loved the three things he suggested to do: pray for the desire, then keep the commandments fully, and then pray to know where to go, what to do and what to say and commit to act on the answer you receive! We've been using that in active member lessons that we've done since that talk was given. Which we've done a lot of active member lessons trying to meet people in the ward. Some quotes I liked:
  • We tread a path of diamonds but sometimes consider them ordinary pebbles.
  • When we love the Lord, we will suffer less.
  • We cannot pray away another's agency.
  • Every moment of precious prayer can be a holy experience.
  • The Lord pays attention to our voice even when we don't pay attention to His.
  • Conversion is not in our timing
  • Gospel Extremism
  • As she looked to the Book, she looked to the Lord
  • Divine love can transform the willing soul
  • Be ambitious for Christ
  • Missionary work is not a program but an attitude
  • Joy has nothing to do with the circumstances of our life, but the focus in our life.
  • Whatever the cost of repentance it is swallowed up in the joy of forgiveness
  • Sacrifice transforms a remorse of conscience into a peace of conscience
  • Do we believe what we know?
Conference is the best! Something that our mission president's wife told us is that if we follow the prophet's and apostles counsel, then our efforts will be magnified an hundred-fold! I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Larmouth

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