Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Baptism 12/15/16

Hey guys!!

So this week was pretty AMAZING!!!!! Joanna got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was probably the best experience of my mission!!!! When she was about to get in the water she started getting sooo excited and she started crying and when she bore her testimony she said that she's been baptized 6 times and this one she knew was real. She said that she is clean now and she felt the Spirit so strong! I'm so excited for her! We taught her on Wednesday and we told her that the same feeling she had, her parents can have in the temple when she does baptisms for them and she cried and cried and of course we cried too. I love her so much!!! Also she is close to finding me an Indian name so that's pretty cool :) 
So the guy who came up with Precious Moments happens to have lived in our area and made a Precious Moments chapel so we went and saw it and it was super super cool!!! Weird but really cool!
On Tuesday we were contacting a potential and there was a whole bunch of stuff outside and a lady walked up and she was moving down the street so we offered to help her and we taught her the gospel as we walked down the street and she was excited to meet with us :) She also has cotton candy hair and it's great. Overall it's been a great week!! 

Sister Larmouth

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