Tuesday, December 27, 2016

40 Hour Exchange! 10/24/16

Hey Guys!

What an interesting week! It started with a 40 hour exchange...and we have another one this week...ha gotta love exchanges. It was actually really cool because our STL blitzed our area and we were able to find 4 new investigators and we talked to a whole lot of people! It was pretty neat :) Also one of the miracles we saw this week was on Wednesday. We were walking and we tried to visit an investigator who wasn't there. So we had to walk to the trolley stop and it started pouring rain! We were soaked! As we were waiting at the trolley stop, a lady who lived next to it invited us to come and stand under her car port. It turns out she's from...wait for it...Micronesia! And guess what? She knows our members that are from there and she knows our investigator! And when she was younger she was going to be baptized but her father wouldn't let her. But she wants to meet! So that was super cool! On Thursday we had "3rd Thursday" where they close down main street and we were able to set up the traveling visitor's center and OTM'd people with other missionaries! It was super successful! On Friday we were sick so that was a bummer. It was the one day we had a vehicle haha. It was an awesome week! Love you all!

Sister Larmouth

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