Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sister Martin's First Day 7/18/16

Hey guys!

So this week was great! We got a new investigator who we tracted into on Sister Martin's first day. It went really well and we both felt the Spirit. We talked about how there's a saying "See your investigators in white" whether it be temple white or baptismal white. But we could both see  her in white. But we had to drop another investigator who got into some trouble with the law and would never keep appointments. So that was sad. We had a lesson with Isaac who has the baptismal date and we found out he smokes so we had to reiterate the word of wisdom and push back his date to the 30th but then he didn't come to church because he broke his toe! What a terrible reason. Oh well. None of our investigators made it to church on Sunday. The adversary is working hard on them! 
We did a lot of service this week! We got to help a member on his house again and I love doing service there. I feel uplifted every time I have a conversation with that guy! He has been working day and night on that house so when his wife and kids come home they can have a big surprise! So adorable. He said the worst thing about marriage was when you are apart! Isn't that the cutest thing in the world? We also got to paint graineries on really rickety ladders. That was fun haha. 
We also did a lot of tracting which I'm starting to like again. But we OTM'd one guy and he was like "the Jehovah Witnesses right?" and we said "Nope, we're the Mormons!" And he kind of went off on us telling us to read the Bible and everything and then we OTM'd his neighbor and while we were talking to him the not so nice guy yells and says, "Don't listen! It's a cult!" hahahaha. We have such good experiences. 
I was reading a talk today called "the Power of the Word" and it was talking about how sometimes we focus on things to improve when we should be focusing on studying the Book of Mormon and other things will follow. I have such a testimony of doing the little things like reading scriptures and praying and going to church. It's when we stop doing those things that we start to slip. I have seen it in my investigators. One who had so much potential and had the first ray of hope she's ever had in her life stopped reading the Book of Mormon every day and doesn't pray everyday and now she's struggling to know if God cares at all or if he even exists. As we study the Book of Mormon our desires will be changed! Well I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!

Sister Larmouth

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