Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Roller Coaster Week!! 10/10/16

Hey Guys!

This week has been pretty great! It's been one of those roller coaster weeks! We have found quite a few new investigators and the area is amazing! We got everything figured out so we ride a trolley everywhere and walk so that's good! The ward is awesome and they help out a ton! We went to ward council yesterday and all they talked about was missionary work!! It was so cool! So the ward and the people we teach are pretty neat :) We're still working on getting to know everyone better. One investigator that we met with named Chris is super solid. We brought a member (who we hadn't met yet) and she really really liked to talk and bring in a lot of off topic things but the Spirit is real and makes everything okay! At the end he asked us what he has to do to be baptized....umm...no one ever asks us that haha. He asked how we figured out when a good time was and we told him that we pray to know when he can be ready by and we invited him to pray to know when he could be ready by and he said he already did! We were scared he was going to say 6 months out but he said that he wants to be baptized within the month! We're so excited! Well I love you all!!

Sister Larmouth

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