Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Heat Wave 7/25/16

Hey guys!
So this week was pretty good! About died from heat but it builds character I guess haha. I have never felt so sticky in my life! Humidity is insane! Well investigator update: we had to push Isaac's date back again because he smoked but he quit chewing so that's good! He also didn't come to church so we'll probably have to push his date back again and have a little talk about the Sabbath. We think he probably feels guilty because of the Word of Wisdom and doesn't want to get help to quit. Tasha and Jennifer came to church this week! We made some real progress with Jennifer yesterday. She is calling a psych out-patient unit to get help with her alcoholism. She is going to get a pill that makes you really sick if you drink alcohol within two weeks of taking it so hopefully that will help her. The doctor says that she won't live til 30 if she keeps drinking the way she does. She's 27. We also had a bunny funeral for her on Saturday. So on Wednesday she was showing us her bunnies in the barn and we asked what the pink squirming things were in the hay and her rabbit had just had babies!! Jennifer didn't even know she was pregnant! One came out really really malformed. He looked like a monster. He had no eyes and a really really really bad cleft pallet. Really bad! He only had one nostril hole and he was really ugly. But she wanted to nurse him but he ended up dying. So we wrote a eulogy for him because she gets really attached to her animals. It was an interesting experience haha. 
I pulled off my first tick yesterday! It was pretty traumatic! Those things don't squish either! You have to rip them apart! Yuck yuck. 
So on Saturday we had a lesson with the refugee from Syria that we have been teaching English to and her husband has terminal lung cancer. He wasn't in too good of shape and she started crying while we were there and it was one of the most heart-breaking experiences of my mission. She has been in Syria for 2 years and he has only been here for 2 months. One of her sons is still in Syria and they are trying to help him come to America. They are the most beautiful family and I want so badly to teach them about the plan of salvation but we can't. We have decided to get the relief society involved with them and members have been eager to show their support and one member is going to come with us to the lessons. We are so lucky to know about Heavenly Father's plan for us and that families can be together forever. It makes me so grateful for the temple and covenants we make.
I love you all!
Sister Larmouth

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