Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Great Week!!

Hey Ya'll!!!!

So this week has been pretty great!! It was just a super fun week! We did a lot of normal things but 4 of our investigators are progressing really well! They all committed to come to the stake conference that Elder Christofferson is going to be at this Sunday and to pray to know if he is an Apostle :D So cool. A lot of our less actives are going to come too!! And this Saturday, the missionaries in Oklahoma and Arkansas and Kansas are invited to a missionary conference with Elder Christofferson on Saturday!! It's going to be a good week!!! 
Also, while we were on exchanges (they're doing this new thing where instead of trading companions are going to two different areas, we switch companions and stay in the leader area so we were in Bartlesville still) Sister Lunt and Sister Ensign got the car stuck on a tree trunk! Hahahaha. We couldn't get it off so a member had to come and tow us off of it!! So funny!! Reminds me of my snowmobiling days haha. 
We're also going to start painting nails at a nursing home this week! We are so excited :D This lady came up to us and said, "Will you paint toenails too? I scrubbed 'em up real good! No corns or nothin'!" Soo great. I love it hahaha. Well I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!!!

Sister Larmouth

Craziness Week

Hey my peeps!!

This week was pretty crazy but still a great week! We had a zone training on Tuesday and interviews with President that went really well!! We decided that we are going to try to become a Zion zone. Back in December, Sister Loveland gave us a packet with scriptures about Zion and characteristics of Zion that we were to study and write what we learned and what we were going to do about it. So we had a zone fast yesterday and we fasted about what things we should do and how to do it in order to become a zion zone :D So it's been awesome so far! We studied one scripture together today (Mosiah 18:21) and I studied two words for like an hour. It was soo cool!! Anyways on Wednesday I went down to Arkansas (I almost said Argentina and that was weird haha) on an exchange and then on Thursday we were in another town in Oklahoma and on Friday Sister Lunt and I weekly planned so we weren't really in our area for 2 1/2 days!!! Poor area. But we learned a lot this week so it's okay!! 
Yesterday, I also started another Purification Challenge with my comp! So hard. One of the things I have to give up is pizza!!! Guys! That's really hard!!! But that's okay!! many blessings!!
Before sacrament meeting yesterday, one of the girls that goes on exchanges with us frequently came up to me and said that someone in her family was struggling with their testimony and she wanted us to come and teach the lessons to her family. During testimony meeting, she, her mother, and her father all bore their simple yet powerful testimonies of the gospel. One phrase the mother said was, "Satan cannothave my family." That hit me so hard. What do we allow Satan to have? Food for thought. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!

Sister Larmouth

A Crazy Week

Hola Familia and Amigos!!

This week has been a little crazy but good nonetheless!!! We have been tracting a lot this week and wow gotta love it. We're trying to build up our teaching pool right now so yay for tracting and stuffs!! I have a huge testimony though of how the Lord refines you differently each transfer!! I never how much pride I had until this transfer so my companion and I are going to start another Purification Challenge this Sunday :D It's going to be really hard but worth it!!! At our district meeting this week we set district goals for each week for the rest of the transfer and this week we had a goal of getting 2 new investigators and Sister Lunt and I were able to reach the goal with the help of the Spirit!! One was a referral from a member and she is super ready to hear the gospel!!! She said that she thinks it is a sign that she should be open to learning more due to all of the Mormons she has met in the last couple of years. We also tracted into a young man who while in prison totally changed his life around and got his GED and is going to school and found Christ while he was in jail. Soooo cool!!!! We are meeting with him again this week!!! The work is definitely moving forward and we are working on getting the members more involved with missionary work!!! I love you all!!!

Sister Larmouth


Hey my peeps!!!

So I thought that Terah was coming home today and I have been counting down the days and hours and stuffs and then I get on and she doesn't come home for another couple that's awkward...I'll be at district meeting when she comes home!!! Wow so crazy!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I don't know why but I am!!! 
So this week was good/strange.  We went to another church's Sunday School class with the some investigators....mmmm....weird experience. They brought in a goat. They had a goat at church...And then we watched this terrible awful video about Mary Magdalene and it gave me not so great feelings inside and Sister Lunt and I were just super not loving that at all. When we went to sacrament at our church it was like breathing in fresh air! It was amazing and I loved it. Those not so great feelings just went away instantly!! That experience really gave me such a deeper appreciation for the Restoration and Joseph Smith! We know the things which are important and we teach the doctrine of Christ! Which brings me to another experience this week: we were tracting and this super nice man answers the door and he turns out to be a pastor. So he says, "Yeah we get a lot of ex-Mormons who come to our church now that they have come to have a personal relationship with Christ." Oh man. I almost put on my fighting gloves. But moral of the story is is that we do have that personal relationship with the Savior. Elder Neil L. Anderson stated in the Missionary Broadcast that we know the Savior more than anyone in the world because of the Restoration. We have more scripture that God has given us and its sole purpose is to bring us closer to Christ. Joseph Smith says that we will grow closer to Christ by abiding by its precepts than we would with any other book. I LOVE our message and the Book of Mormon and I am so glad that I am able to have a personal relationship with Christ. 
We have been working with an investigator who doesn't know how to read and we have been teaching her through the Book of Mormon! It has been so rewarding to see her progress and the power that the Book of Mormon has in helping overcome our challenges in life! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!!!! 

Sister Larmouth

Stickey Note Miracles

Hey Family!!!!

This week was a super good/hard/fantastic week!!! We had to give up 3rd ward and it was really hard but we did it!!! The Elders are super good ones so 3rd ward will be in good hands....hopefully :D  We are still going to see some families in that ward because it would be really hard not to! So we got 5 new investigators this week!!! It was so cool!! One was a less active lady's family who we weren't expecting to teach but we did and it was great!! They are going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon as a family!! Also the Madduxes came to church!! So cool! Another one of our investigators showed up after sacrament with her nonmember daughter and son-in-law! At the lesson with the Madduxes they fed us and we ate our salad with a spoon! It was great!!
Also to explain the magical sticky note. We had an hour before dinner and we didn't have much to do. We tried to contact some people but it fell through. So Sister Lunt was driving and she found a sticky note by her foot and it was my handwriting so she gave it to me....I have no recollection of this sticky note. There were three names and addresses on said sticky note and so we decided to go and see the people. The first house we came to the Spirit was sooooooooooo strong. Really really strong! We talked to him and made an appointment for Sunday which he was a bit busy on Sunday so we couldn't talk to him for a long time. But texted us later and said he would try to make it to church!! The next person we contacted was Tiffany and she met with missionaries a while ago but her parents didn't approve so she couldn't meet with them anymore. BUT she's moving out in less than a month and she's 18 now and she wants to bring her brother and sister-in-law as well! So we'll try to contact her in a week or so!! So cool!!!!! Well I love you all!!!