Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stickey Note Miracles

Hey Family!!!!

This week was a super good/hard/fantastic week!!! We had to give up 3rd ward and it was really hard but we did it!!! The Elders are super good ones so 3rd ward will be in good hands....hopefully :D  We are still going to see some families in that ward because it would be really hard not to! So we got 5 new investigators this week!!! It was so cool!! One was a less active lady's family who we weren't expecting to teach but we did and it was great!! They are going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon as a family!! Also the Madduxes came to church!! So cool! Another one of our investigators showed up after sacrament with her nonmember daughter and son-in-law! At the lesson with the Madduxes they fed us and we ate our salad with a spoon! It was great!!
Also to explain the magical sticky note. We had an hour before dinner and we didn't have much to do. We tried to contact some people but it fell through. So Sister Lunt was driving and she found a sticky note by her foot and it was my handwriting so she gave it to me....I have no recollection of this sticky note. There were three names and addresses on said sticky note and so we decided to go and see the people. The first house we came to the Spirit was sooooooooooo strong. Really really strong! We talked to him and made an appointment for Sunday which he was a bit busy on Sunday so we couldn't talk to him for a long time. But texted us later and said he would try to make it to church!! The next person we contacted was Tiffany and she met with missionaries a while ago but her parents didn't approve so she couldn't meet with them anymore. BUT she's moving out in less than a month and she's 18 now and she wants to bring her brother and sister-in-law as well! So we'll try to contact her in a week or so!! So cool!!!!! Well I love you all!!! 

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