Thursday, February 18, 2016


Hey my peeps!!!

So I thought that Terah was coming home today and I have been counting down the days and hours and stuffs and then I get on and she doesn't come home for another couple that's awkward...I'll be at district meeting when she comes home!!! Wow so crazy!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I don't know why but I am!!! 
So this week was good/strange.  We went to another church's Sunday School class with the some investigators....mmmm....weird experience. They brought in a goat. They had a goat at church...And then we watched this terrible awful video about Mary Magdalene and it gave me not so great feelings inside and Sister Lunt and I were just super not loving that at all. When we went to sacrament at our church it was like breathing in fresh air! It was amazing and I loved it. Those not so great feelings just went away instantly!! That experience really gave me such a deeper appreciation for the Restoration and Joseph Smith! We know the things which are important and we teach the doctrine of Christ! Which brings me to another experience this week: we were tracting and this super nice man answers the door and he turns out to be a pastor. So he says, "Yeah we get a lot of ex-Mormons who come to our church now that they have come to have a personal relationship with Christ." Oh man. I almost put on my fighting gloves. But moral of the story is is that we do have that personal relationship with the Savior. Elder Neil L. Anderson stated in the Missionary Broadcast that we know the Savior more than anyone in the world because of the Restoration. We have more scripture that God has given us and its sole purpose is to bring us closer to Christ. Joseph Smith says that we will grow closer to Christ by abiding by its precepts than we would with any other book. I LOVE our message and the Book of Mormon and I am so glad that I am able to have a personal relationship with Christ. 
We have been working with an investigator who doesn't know how to read and we have been teaching her through the Book of Mormon! It has been so rewarding to see her progress and the power that the Book of Mormon has in helping overcome our challenges in life! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!!!! 

Sister Larmouth

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