Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Great Week!!

Hey Ya'll!!!!

So this week has been pretty great!! It was just a super fun week! We did a lot of normal things but 4 of our investigators are progressing really well! They all committed to come to the stake conference that Elder Christofferson is going to be at this Sunday and to pray to know if he is an Apostle :D So cool. A lot of our less actives are going to come too!! And this Saturday, the missionaries in Oklahoma and Arkansas and Kansas are invited to a missionary conference with Elder Christofferson on Saturday!! It's going to be a good week!!! 
Also, while we were on exchanges (they're doing this new thing where instead of trading companions are going to two different areas, we switch companions and stay in the leader area so we were in Bartlesville still) Sister Lunt and Sister Ensign got the car stuck on a tree trunk! Hahahaha. We couldn't get it off so a member had to come and tow us off of it!! So funny!! Reminds me of my snowmobiling days haha. 
We're also going to start painting nails at a nursing home this week! We are so excited :D This lady came up to us and said, "Will you paint toenails too? I scrubbed 'em up real good! No corns or nothin'!" Soo great. I love it hahaha. Well I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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