Sunday, April 10, 2016

BFF's with Elder Christofferson 2-22-16


Elder Christofferson and I are pretty tight now. I would say on the friendship scale of 1 to 10 we're about an 8. 
So we had a mission conference on Saturday with the one and only Elder Christofferson from the QUORUM OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES! Pretty big deal I'd say. It was SO amazing. He is probs one of my favorite Apostles ever now. Elder Lynn G Robbins of the presidency of the seventy was there as well as our area seventy Elder Southward. Sooo much Spirit! The Oklahoma City Mission was there too! Elder Christofferson had us all shake his hand before the meeting :D He's so nice. I wish I could write all they said in an email...buuut I can't and you'll just have to believe me that it was so good heh heh. Some key quotes:

- "Every convert that comes into the church is a miracle. It's a day of miracles" Elder Robbins

- "We have a clear understanding of what was lost during the apostasy because of our rearview vision of the Restoration" Elder Robbins

- "We don't receive revelation if we don't have questions"

- "The Lord knows you become drained in battle. He allows you to take time to dress your wounds" Elder Christofferson

- "If we keep our covenants, we are entitled to be sealed" Elder Christofferson

-The Lord gives us revelation at night because it's the only time he can get a word in edgewise" Elder Christofferson

- "You can overcome the world if you bind yourself to the Savior" Elder Christofferson

- "Some have subjected themselves to the will of the adversary so long, they lose the will to repent." Elder Christofferson

- "If you leave this world walking on the straight and narrow, then you will never fall off." Elder Christofferson

- " 'The Kingdom of heaven is at hand' It's in your hands to bring it to others." Elder Christofferson

Okay that was a lot but there's more if you can believe it. We were on exchanges the rest of Saturday and guess what we got at 10:30 at night??? You're right! TRANSFER CALLS!!!!!!! So there were four sisters in our apartment so our reactions to this transfer call were a bit loud...poor neighbors haha. So I am being transferred to Tulsa YSA and I am training a newbie again!! We just got a call today that it might be a biking area...freaking out guys. But it will be good in a lot of ways #legsofachampion hahaha. Sister Lunt is staying in Bartlesville and is going to be companions with her MTC companion who has stayed in the same zone as her since day one! She will do a fantastic job leading the area! I'm going to miss being her companion. But it won't be totally awful because I'm still going to be her STL! I know! So I am going to the testosterzone hahahaha. So I'm shotgunning (or replacing with no one in the companionship having experience in the area) elders. And the rest of the zone is elders. So we'll be the only sisters in the zone! Weird! But since that is the case, I'm still over the sisters in the Bartlesville zone and my STL companion is staying the same! That was probably really confusing but yeah....It should be an exciting transfer haha. And this transfer we have 7 weeks in the transfer because of the MTC change. Yay!! 

Well anyways...on Sunday Elder Christofferson came to our stake conference which was held at our community center and our investigators came!!!!!!!!! And one former investigator!!!! One investigator cried when our stake president was speaking! So awesome. We had really good lessons with them (Hesters) and our other investigator Shawn. Shawn has a really good fellowshipper now who has an amazing conversion story. The spirit was so strong during the lesson we had on Wednesday. Also our lesson with the Hesters went well. They are part-member (mom is less active) and she said that she had a hole in her life that she wants to be filled and it can't be filled by man. I'm going to miss these people so much!!

Back to Elder Christofferson. We were walking home because we live really close and our stake president is pulling out of the community center so we talk to him and he says that Elder Christofferson is two cars the next car is the 3rd ward bishop so we talk to him and awkwardly wait for the next car...and Elder Christofferson rolls down his window!!! Guys!! We all say "HIIII!!!" and then transition to a very awkward silence hahahaha. What do you say to an Apostle?? But we shook his hand again and so we're basically best friends now ahah. 

Well I love you guys and sorry this email is so long!! It's been a crazy week!!!!

Sister Larmouth

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