Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hit and Runners 3/21/16

Hi family!!!

This week has been such a great week!!!! It has been amazing to see all of the miracles that occurred!! So first things first...I feel like all of the things happen after I email ya'll...but after leaving the library, we witnessed a hit and run! The car behind us got into a fender bender which was really unfortunate. The offending car took off and went down a random street but some cars had got between us and the hit car so this lady that got hit thinks that we hit her (because our car was similar to the one that hit her...). So we had some interesting experiences with the police department but we've been cleared! He also said that we had the cleanest car that he has ever seen in his life :D That's right heh heh.
On Tuesday we had zone conference and I got to see Sister Gerard and Sister Lunt!! I was so excited! Then I went on an exchange to Bartlesville and I got to see some of my people!! One of the investigators Sister Lunt and I tracted into committed to baptism!!! So exciting. We couldn't set a date yet with him but it was such a spiritual lesson!
On Thursday we met with a new investigator that a senior couple is handing over to us and it was adorable to see how they interacted. He literally considers them as family. He is this big tough guy (pretty sure he was an underground street fighter (undefeated so we've heard)) and he committed to be baptized on April 16th. Things are a-happening in the Tulsa YSA!! We also received soooo many referrals this week it was amazing!
Oh I almost forgot about Easy E. So we knocked on a door and a ysa age guy answers and introduces himself as Easy E...I was a bit confused and thought he was spelling his name out like "E-Z-E" for Ezekiel or something but no. It's Easy E hahaha. We're going to try and contact him again. Also my $5 gloves got stolen at a service activity at the church haha. They kindly left the car keys that were inside of them though ha. Oh and happy day: I can eat pizza again! So exciting!
Spiritual thought for the day: So I'm doing this 30 day challenge thing where I pray for a question to be answered and then randomly open the Book of Mormon to have my question works guys. But anyways, today I was asking about weaknesses and why I keep doing the same dumb things over and over. I briefly thought before I opened the Book of Mormon "He better not send me to Ether 12" and lo and behold...that's what he did haha! But it was really cool because it was talking about faith and how we can't see miracles if we don't have faith first. Especially when Moroni was talking about his weakness in writing and how he needed faith  in order for the Lord to make his weakness a strength. We actually had an encounter with a guy that hated how the answer to everything was always faith. He didn't want to believe the Bible on faith, he wanted proof that all of those miracles happened. The chapter also stated in verse 37 "And because thou hast seen thy weakness thou shalt be made strong." As we come to recognize our weaknesses Heavenly Father is going to be with us every step of the way to help them become strengths! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!

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