Sunday, April 10, 2016

Another week survived in Tulsa! 3/7/16


This week has been pretty great!! We picked up a new investigator that the elders (pretty much every companionship in Tulsa) were teaching. His name is Kevin and he is a great person. The only problem with Kevin is that he doesn't want to learn about the gospel but he wants to be baptized and go on a mission....hmmmm...yeah we are going to have to clear that little problem up haha! I'll let you know how it goes!! So last Monday we went to FHE so we could get to know some more members and we played Telestrations!!! I love that game. So an autistic kid named Andrew sat next to me so he would pass his pictures to me....I got pretty inventive so  pretty much nothing stayed the same haha! I love our branch so much :D Another great story, so last time at this beautiful library I saw this YSA age kid who I wanted to talk to but I didn't. Terrible. But later that week we were at these apartments trying to find someone who just moved in (who turned out to be married but that's another story) and they weren't home. So we were clover tracting around them and we heard this door open somewhere. So we followed the noise and upstairs was an open door with a whole family sitting around. Well that would be really awkward to walk up with them all staring and it was a family instead of a YSA so I elected to leave instead. Then I remembered how I didn't talk to this one kid at the library and I knew I should talk to these people so I stomped back and the guy was on the balcony and we got a return appt. We gave him over to the Spanish Elders but anyways, follow your promptings folks. 
Another lesson learned this week is: don't be quick to judge. We had a coordination meeting with all of the branch missionaries on Sunday and we told them we had a lesson after church which we would like someone to come with us. Well we received a call from someone so we went out of the room and when we came back they assigned someone. Well the guy they assigned is a pretty big jokester. I don't think I've ever heard him say anything serious and I didn't ever intend to take him on an exchange unless we had no hope for the person we were meeting with. Yeah I know. What a terrible attitude. Well we go with this guy and the girl we were going to teach isn't home so we decide to take this guy clover tracting with us. He's been off of his mission for 4 years and he was kind of freaking out a bit because we were OTMing and knocking doors. Well he finally tells us he is doing the next door. Nobody answers but he heard someone upstairs and he OTMed him and he completely slayed it! It was so cool. He was so pumped up about missionary work afterwards which is super awesome!!! 
We also had this lesson with a recent convert and her story is amazing. She knew this LDS guy and there was always something "different" about him. After a while she started learning more about the church because she knew the one she was going to wasn't right. She learned for a long time and finally set a baptismal date because she knew it was true. Her parents however told her that if she was living in their house she couldn't go to church. So she didn't go to church for a while but she wanted it in her life. While at college she started going to church again and meeting with the missionaries and she couldn't ever set a baptismal date because her parents told her that they would disown her. She chose to be baptized anyway though!! She is so strong and has a lot of faith!!! 

Well I love you all and hope you have another great week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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