Sunday, April 10, 2016

Turf Wars and Tackles 3/14/16


This week has been pretty great!! We had quite a few things happen this week! On Tuesday night we were able to watch the face to face with Elder Holland because we're in the YSA branch!! Perks haha. But it was soooo amazing!!! The Spirit was so strong and the advice they gave was fantastic :) On Thursday I went to Bentonville and my companion stayed here. We received training from the Missionary Department and he taught us how to use Preach My Gospel and the District videos and it was so cool! There are definitely going to be a lot of changes in the mission which is super exciting. 
So for the subject, we were trying to find an investigator in a very large apartment complex and the Jehovah Witnesses decide to pull that was fun haha. We literally knocked on a door they just knocked on hahaha! We also had a turf war with a senior couple who are teaching a YSA and bringing him to a family ward with no one near his age attending....hmph.
Also we played ultimate frisbee again on Saturday with some people in the ward. I normally am not a big fan of ultimate but not very many people showed up so we played a different type of ultimate and it was super fun until I got tackled by someone in the ward hahaha. Some people are super competitive apparently...I woke up a little sore heh. 
So Sunday we went to a ward in Broken Arrow, OK and I was listening to a not very invigorating talk (you know the kind) and an investigator was present. As I was thinking about the not so great talk I thought about the investigator and why he thought we came back every single week to hear random people from the congregation speak. Usually when we ask people around here what they like about their church they say their pastor. But that's definitely not us! Sure we may get a good speaker every once in a while but the reason we go to church is much deeper than that! We have a deep conviction that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and that he heads this church. We attend for the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and to be clean. It's a chance to feel the Spirit and start the week off right. To be able to be edified and uplift one another. This gospel is amazing and I love it so much!!! I hope you all have a great week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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