Sunday, April 10, 2016

No Hablo Espanol

This week has been pretty great!!!  We are receiving referrals left and right and we got two new investigators this week!! One is a friend of one of our current investigators Bobby Hoover. Bobby has been an investigator for three years now and his grandfather (who raised him) just passed away last Monday night. His funeral is tomorrow. He has had a very rough week but he finally came to church!! We had fast and testimony meeting and all of the testimonies seemed to be perfect for what he is going through. When we got the call from Bobby that his grandfather had passed we prayed to know which elder should give him a blessing and one elder came prominently to both of our minds. I pushed it away at first because he isn't the most obedient missionary ever but I knew that he should give Bobby the blessing. On Tuesday when he gave Bobby the blessing it was so perfect. He basically said that Bobby knew the church was true and to be baptized so he could do the work for his grandfather in the temple. So powerful!!! So we're going to invite Bobby again to be baptized this upcoming lesson!
On Wednesday I went on exchanges with.....Sister Gerard!!!! She is the one who split-trained me :) We had a ball of fun! We also blitzed Bartlesville so I got to see a whole bunch of people that I knew so that was super awesome.
Oh almost forgot!! So last Sunday night when we were planning for Monday, we couldn't figure out what we should do. All of the things we planned didn't feel right. So we just planned to help out at FHE (moving someone). Well right as we pull up to move that someone on Monday we got a call from the Spaniards (Spanish Elders (Zone Leaders)) and they were at a members home and a less-active YSA was there as well and she LOVES sister missionaries. I don't blame her...we're pretty great. Well anyway they told us we should go over there right away and so we did. Her name is Casey and she is amazing!!! She's the only one in her family who speaks English so she translated for us. We had such a great time over there and I really wish I understood Spanish haha. Maybe one day...her mother told us that she had prayed for sister missionaries for her daughter and that humbled me a lot. How selfish was I for not wanting to leave Bartlesville!! But I love the YSA now so it's all good :) So Casey came to a lesson with us and she came to church with us on Sunday. Afterwards we had FHE with her family and the Spaniards (which we understood none of) and she said that she loved loved loved it. She felt as if the lessons were just for her and we had a "break the fast" dinner at the church and she felt so welcomed and integrated. Our branch is the best. Well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Larmouth

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