Monday, January 11, 2016

Miracles and Transfers!

Hello Family!!!

This week was such a great week!!! Sister Lunt and I were able to see so many miracles! On Sunday we fasted that  we would be able to reach the standard for number of lessons (goal for the mission is 20 lessons a week and 60% member present lessons) and that our efforts would be reflected in our key indicators (numbers). This whole transfer I have gotten the lowest number of lessons I have ever gotten because all of the crazy things that have been happening. Our numbers weren't that great until (yet again) Saturday!!! We had ELEVEN lessons and every single one of them were member present which put us at 23 lessons and 15 member present!!! Wow. The Lord answers prayers, guys!! And we were also able to go on an exchange with some youth in the ward. One less active youth came tracting with us with his active friend and we prayed to see a miracle and we did!! We met a couple that invited us inside and they talked with us for 30 minutes and we are going to meet with them on Wednesday and they are so excited!! They want to buy us pizza!! (Which is totally fine with me heh heh). It was really good for Cooper (the less active youth) to be able to see that. We had a lesson with him afterwards and the Spirit was so strong!! 
Well Saturday night we got transfer calls...and....I'M STAYING IN BARTLESVILLE!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I'm super excited!! But....bad things happened too. Since the times for the two wards we are covering are overlapping on Sundays, we are now only over 1st ward and the Elders are picking up the 3rd ward....This was not very welcome news for us becausen 3/4 of the people we love are in 3rd ward. But we have both come to the realization that this is the Lord's will and that 1st ward needs our sole attention at this point and I trust the elders enough with the people we love in 3rd ward. It will be hard being in the same town and not being able to see them but we will make do!! Sorry if this email is super confusing! But I love you all!! 

Sister Larmouth

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