Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blueberries :))) 6/20/16

Hey guys!!!

This week was great!! We met some awesome people!! And picked a lot of blueberries!!! I never knew blueberries could be so good!!! Mmmm delish. The weather is getting a little warm....quite a lot actually. It's like the worse sauna you've ever been too! And we moved!!! :((((( We moved from our members home to an apartment in Centerton because one of their sons and his new wife are going to stay with them for the summer. So out of the boonies and into town. Our run this morning wasn't quite the same. Instead of pretty greenery we breathed in fumes haha. They told us Friday night and we packed up and moved on Saturday! But it will be good on miles and we get to bike a lot more which is my absolute favorite thing to do haha. We actually biked to church yesterday! Instead of being 97 degrees it was only 90 so it all worked out!
Our week was pretty crazy! I can't remember if I told you this but I'll tell you again anyways. So a member calls us about a week ago to tell us about her son's babysitter and that she wants us to teach her but never gives us her number or address. Well last Sunday we get a referral from the sisters in Siloam for the same girl! They had gotten a headquarters referral and Jennifer (the babysitter) wanted a Book of Mormon. So when they went to drop it off the mom answered (who doesn't like Mormons) and things didn't go very well. Well anyways she ends up calling us after we text her and we set up a time to meet! She is married to a Hindu and lives with her anti parents and she has been reading the Book of Mormon every night!!! Every night! Craziness. She has watched every documentary on Mormons that exist (including the District (the videos we watch to learn how to plan and teach hahaha)). She says that she knows it's true and wants to be baptized and we haven't taught her anything! Her husband doesn't want her to though because he doesn't want them to get kicked out of the house. She texted us yesterday saying that she didn't want to read the Book of Mormon but she knew that she needed to so we called her and we read it together. She says that every time she finds something in the Book of Mormon that is "wrong" she will get her question answered within twenty four hours. I don't know if that made sense at all but she's awesome!
We had less luck with our less actives. They had a lady they picked up off the streets lie and say they moved...we saw him later outside by his car so we stopped and talked to him saying "oh so you didn't move" heh. Little nuggets. These people were active 2 weeks ago. Crazy how that works.
We tracted into this cool girl who is 17 and has TWO kids. TWO. She had her first one at 14! She was pretty sweet though and she is a good mom to her kids. We hope things work out with her! She needs the gospel!
Well I love you all mucho!

Sister Larmouth

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