Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Micronesia 10/17/16

This week was pretty great! We saw some pretty cool miracles! Last week we had the feeling to go back to a street we had tracted on and so we went back but the person we were going to see wasn't home. So we saw a house and decided to knock on the door before we tried to catch the trolley. The lady answered and said that her nephew used to meet with Mormon missionaries and to come back on Tuesday when he would be off work. So we went back on Tuesday and there was a guy sitting on the front porch who turned out to be the nephew! He said that he was almost baptized but his schedule got in the way and he wanted to be baptized...So that's pretty neat :) And then a car pulls into the driveway and it was his friend. He said that he wanted to learn too so we taught both of them! They are from Micronesia and on Friday we had dinner with a member who was from Micronesia and her daughter is related to our investigator! So we're excited to see what happens. Also, I think I should have got called to Micronesia because the people are my favorite haha. They have such big hearts and are willing to give you anything when they don't have anything to give. But this area really is primed and ready for the gospel! We have found soo many people to teach. Our investigator, Chris, who said last week that he wanted to be baptized in a month came to church! We're going to meet with him tomorrow to set a date for baptism :D Our members are awesome too! We were walking to some appointments and one member dropped everything to not only drive us but to also visit people with us! Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Larmouth

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