Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Baptism 8/22/16


TASHA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!! It was a little stressful getting everything together for it but it all worked out! It was a little crazy because she didn't know any priesthood holders because we mostly just introduced her to sisters...haha but we made it work. Her husband came to the baptism too!! That was really big for him because he has PTSD. I'll make sure to send a pic! But she was anxious the night before the baptism so we offered to get her a priesthood blessing the morning before the baptism. The blessing was sooo good! It said that her baptism would make the way for saving ordinances to be done for her ancestors that had gone before and that she would have the opportunity to do the work for them! It was so cool because Sister Martin and I were talking a day or two before about getting her to the temple so she could do the work for her Grandma. And it was so powerful because we could both feel that it was her Grandma that wanted her work done. Such a good experience!! She didn't want to bear her testimony at the baptism so she wrote it down and we read it and it was so powerful!!

So.....in other news....we got a text from Nancy (one of our less actives) saying that she has 60 days to move and asked us if we knew if the church could help her find a place and her car was broken so she needed help with that. Well we gave her the Bishop's info and we talk to Amy (Nancy's fellowshipper) and it turns out that Nana (Nancy's mom) tried to STRANGLE Faith (Nancy's daughter)!!!!!!!!! Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard??? Yeah so that went down. Never in my wildest dreams could I see Nana doing a thing like that. So that happened. 

 And Chester is pretty much our only solid investigator at the moment. We're going to have to drop Jennifer because she's not progressing or making any steps to progress. Chester went really downhill after the Philippines both investigator-wise and health-wise. But we made really good progress the last three lessons with him! He's so on the verge of figuring everything out. He's listening to the Book of Mormon on the app everyday and re-listens to them so he can understand. He's having trouble with his memory. He's also doing family history with us every Wednesday!
I hope you all have the best week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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