Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lovelands in Sacrament! 11/14/16

Hey guys!

So the last 5 days were pretty good. Yesterday, President and Sister Loveland came and spoke in our sacrament meeting on missionary work and inviting. It was a great! Sister Loveland shared a story of a lady in their ward who was terrified to talk to people about the gospel but she wanted to follow the counsel of their stake president and she believed the promise that if she opened her mouth it would be filled. So she prayed that someone would be placed in her path to talk to in some form or another about the gospel. So she was doing laps at the pool and when she got out she noticed her son's old football coach sitting at the edge of the pool and she knew that he was the one she was supposed to talk to. So she was super nervous but she asked if he was the football coach and she was able to tell him her son is on a mission and talked about the church with him and it was a really natural thing. So she started making a goal to talk to 2 people the next week and eventually it turned into 1 person a day to 5 people a day to 100 people before Thanksgiving to 200 people before Christmas. Not one of the people she has spoken to has taken lessons from the missionaries or come to church but she has been able to see the blessing in her life from inviting and sometimes she is able to know the seeds she is planting. It was an amazing story about inviting. "We succeed when we invite!"
 Joanna is on day 12 of not drinking coffee and is getting ready for her baptism in a little over 2 weeks! On Saturday we had some super cool experiences. We knocked on a door and this girl answered. She wasn't interested but she gave us vague directions to her friend's house who loves religion but is scared to go back to church because of some things that happened to her. So we set off walking to contact the referral we saw a cute house and we knocked on the door and the lady invited us inside! And we talked with her for an hour and she has a whole bunch of questions but invited us back this week for another appointment and she wants to feed us as well! She is 26 and married and she was adopted at age nine. She's originally from Bulgaria and she was an orphan and she has seen a lot of scary stuff. Not too many other things have happened since Wednesday....But we get to have interviews with President and Sister Loveland this week so that'll be pretty cool! Well I love you all!

Sister Larmouth

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