Tuesday, December 27, 2016



This is the best week ever!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got transfer calls last night and I'm going back to Centerton!!!!!!!!! That's the area I just was in before I came to Joplin and it was my favorite area!!! And now I'm going back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best news I've ever gotten!! 
And to top it off, Elder Gay from the Seventy came on Monday and we had a mission conference excluding the three zones in Oklahoma. We actually found out that they are revising the mission boundaries and the three Oklahoma zones/stakes are no longer going to be a part of our mission. They'll be a part of the OKC mission but we'll get to keep all of our missionaries and they'll cover the areas that are double areas. That will be in effect as of January 1st. It was kind of sad because I love Oklahoma so much. I'm glad they did it my last transfer! 
Elder Gay taught us so many things! One thing that stood out was the part about returning home because it's my last transfer. He said, "The point is not to get to the summit but to return home." A lot of times we focus on the summits of life like going on a mission, getting married in the temple, etc. But it's not about that part. It's about getting home in one piece. It's about returning to Heavenly Father and enduring to the end. It's about taking what you learned and applying it to life. He said that there shouldn't be an adjustment when you go home. He said that you spent 18 months to 2 years learning how the Lord wants you to live so you shouldn't 'adjust' to the world. It was awesome!!!! He also said, "Don't be like the Brother of Jared when he was stuck on the shore doing great things but not the Lord's will." Man we learned so many things. 
Joanna Farley gave me my INDIAN NAME!!!!!!!!!! The long version is: Chunkash yukpa atapa hine hanta kostini'Ohoyo. It means a woman who brings peace and joy and is cheerful. The short version is Yukpa'Ohoyo: one who is cheerful. We were supposed to have a feast tonight but I had to come to Bentonville early. We had a very tearful goodbye this morning but we found out that they are moving into a different ward so I'm glad I'm going to Centerton! Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Sister Larmouth

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