Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Temple Time 6/27/16

This week was amazing!!! We got to go to the temple on Tuesday!!! It was the best thing ever!!! We took a bus early in the morning with 1/3 of our mission. We went to the Kansas City Temple and it was hard to not run around and scream with excitement haha. It's been way too long since I've been to the temple and it was much needed. It was such a tender mercy and gave me the respite I needed. The Spirit was so strong and I learned what I needed to learn!! 
Jennifer, our investigator we've been teaching, came to church!!!!! Guys, this is a big deal!!! She has anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, and PTSD. She got a priesthood blessing before hand and she stayed for two hours!!! And despite her parents telling her not to go and we're a cult and her husband (who's Hindu) telling her not to come, she came!!! She had a whole lot of anxiety the whole time but she made it through two hours!! She liked Sunday School a lot more than sacrament meeting. Chester, our other investigator, came to church as well!!! 
Another miracle! So we brought a youngin with us tracting and he saw someone he knew from school and was going to try to avoid talking to him, but we were a bit persuasive and we set up an appointment with the kid. Soooo on Sunday we met him at the park for a lesson and he told us that he met with some elders before back in December and then he got really busy and stopped but he had been thinking about them the other day and said that if something happened then he would pursue it and we came two days later!!! Isn't that so cool?! I asked if he thought it was coincidence and he said no :D 
Today we went to Crystal Bridges which is a really amazing place!! I'll send some pics :)

It's been an awesome week!

Sister Larmouth

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