Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Interviews 11/21/16

Hey guys!!!

This week has been pretty great! We have seen a whole lot of miracles!! We had interviews with the mission president and his wife on Wednesday and it was super super good! Sister Loveland talked about how the words we use to extend an invitation to baptism are sacred and that we are inviting them to sacrifice everything to be baptized. It was a pretty neat concept. I had exchanges in Miami which always makes me love my area so much more. I hate to leave my area but it helps you learn. 
We've been meeting with a whole bunch of less actives of late and some of them have a goal to get to the temple :D I love those kind of goals! We had quite a few of Less actives at church! Speaking of church: so we had a nonmember sacrament meeting so people invited their friends to come to church and it was great! So during Relief Society, a member came in and got us and told us that a man had just walked in and he was in the chapel praying. So we grabbed our RS president and we went and talked with him and had a lesson. He's from Mexico so his English wasn't very good. He was going through a hard time and he was driving around and saw our church and said he felt like he needed to come in and pray! Isn't that so cool! He was talking about how all he wants is a family and how it's not working out and it was soo sad and we have a return appointment and we're going to teach him! I love miracles!! They're so great! 
Also, a Joanna update: last time we saw her, she wanted an elder who just got transferred to come back and baptize her and we told her that he probably couldn't come back and she told us that she didn't know if she wanted to get baptized then. But she drove us to our next appointment and wanted to teach with us and after the lesson she told us that she still wanted to get baptized she was just upset because he was like family to her. Her heart literally softened in 20 minutes. It was so cool! We set the baptism date for next Tuesday the 29th. And we're super super stoked! She's so amazing and she has a strong testimony of the gospel! Well I love you all and hope you have a super great week!

Sister Larmouth

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