Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Transferred! 9/28/16

Hey Guys!

This is a really sad day because we found out last night that I'm getting transferred! This has been my favorite area so far and it will be really hard to leave but that's okay. I'm going back to Missouri!! It's been a year since I served there! I'll be in Joplin and we'll be shotgunning in so it'll be fun. My new companion's name is Sister Bisch and she came out with Sister Martin so she's pretty new. Guess where she's from?? Twin Falls, ID. So she has to be a great person right? haha Well I'll catch you up on what has happened in the last 10 days :) It's been a pretty great week! We did a lot of service last week which was fun and we found quite a few solid potential investigators! We tracted on an amazing street and everybody was so nice! That never happens! And we got three return appointments in twenty minutes! It was a pretty good day!
We had Women's Conference which was the best thing ever! I'm super excited for the rest of conference! Sister Stephens talk was soooo good and so was Sister Oscarson's and President Uchtdorf's. They were all amazing! One of my favorite quotes from President Uchtdorf is "Faith comes to those who pay the price of faithfulness." I love that. I also like how he talked about encouraging people to listen differently instead of listening harder.
We had a pretty cool experience with a less active this week. We've been teaching her the lessons again and she doesn't seem too interested in us teaching her but we keep feeling like we should keep on keeping on and last Sunday we went with the lady's visiting teacher. Well we were teaching the "gospel of Jesus Christ" and talking about faith. Then we got to the subject of repentance and I felt prompted to read the story of Alma the Younger with her in Alma 36. We talked about how we could have as much joy as our pain or guilt. She asked if anyone had ever felt that in modern times and we were able to testify to her from personal experiences and promise her the same thing could happen to her. It was a powerful moment and it was a blessing to see her grasp the knowledge that she doesn't have to live with her guilt and shame and she started crying and committed to repent. Sometimes we think repentance is for the big things or we're in trouble if we have to repent. But in reality, repentance is one of the most beautiful parts of the gospel because that sorrow and that pain can be swept away and replaced with joy and peace and happiness. I love that!
I love you all so much! Have the best week!

Sister Larmouth

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