Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Transfers :) 8/17/16

This week and a half have been crazy and crazy good! So much has happened! So for transfers: I'm staying!!! So is my companion :) I am going to be an STL again. I have to say that those two transfers not being one was a nice break haha. We're getting a lot of newbies in our zone this transfer so it should be fun! 
So Tasha is getting baptized this Saturday and everything is going super well!! I have this paranoia about baptizing people when they're not ready so I was worried we were rushing it but one of our lessons she basically bore her testimony to us and it was powerful! I'm so excited! Sister Loveland (our mission president's wife) in a prayer said that I would see an investigator get baptized in the near future and that's coming true!! Tasha has been through a lot and Satan has thrown a lot her way in the past week or so but she is determined to get baptized!
We also had Gravette day this week! That was super fun! We set up a booth and we had a spinning wheel with trivia and candy. That attracted a lot of children! We also got a couple Bible bashers so that was interesting haha. I'll send some pics :) 
We went on exchanges last week with our STLs in Rogers and we went to contact less actives and one opened their door and it turned out to be the less active's mom and she was packing up his stuff because he was moving. We offered our help and at the end she started crying. It's really the best feeling knowing you're in the right place at the right time :) We also saw a part member family and they have been swapping church's each week. So they go to our church every other week. Anyways, the husband (non member) raised a lot of politically charged questions which is always fun and then his wife who is the member also voiced some questions that she had regarding the church's stance on certain things. It was a weird experience because I felt impressed that she wasn't reading her scriptures or praying daily and if she didn't start to do so, she would be less active in 3 years. The little things are often the most important things. This member was a really really strong member two years ago but because she stopped doing the small things then she started doubting. Don't forget to do the little things :) Well I love you lots!

Sister Larmouth

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