Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kickin' it out in the stix!!! 5/30/16

Hi Family!!

This week has been a little bit of crazy and crazy good! The beginning of the week was we had a hard time saying goodbye but we made some amazing memories in Tulsa! I was able to show one of the new sisters around and help her get situated and I hope everything goes well for them! 
But now I'm in Centerton! Well...we actually live in Gravette. Which is half an hour from Centerton. You blink and it's gone! We live with members too!! They're pretty awesome!! You take a 3 mile long dirt road to get to their house :D It's my kind of place!! We also have...wait for it....a truck!!!!! Super excited!! That was pretty much the goal of my whole mission was to get a truck and now that wish is being fulfilled haha. We actually just went "off-roading" with it to help our members with this camp they are making on their property for girls camp!! They have soooo much property and they have hiking trails and a couple of ponds and a shooting range and rapelling and it's amazing. Pretty much living the dream out here haha! 
My new companion is Sister Ball. She's pretty awesome. She's from a tiny town in Idaho and is a farm girl :) she's been out for about 3 months.
So for our investigators: we have a guy named Chester and he is in his sixties. He's kinda hard to read. We can't tell if he just has us over for the company or not. We'll see next time if he's keeping his commitments. But he came to one of the other ward's baptisms! So that was pretty neat! He also accepted a baptism date for June 25th. So we have quite a few investigators but none of them the solid type. He's probably the most solid one. But we have some pretty awesome members! We went and did some service for a family on Saturday and they had new new newborn baby goats!!! So cute!! And we got to feed the calves and some other goats with a bottle! 
Well I hope you all had a great amazing week!!! Love you all!!

Sister Larmouth

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