Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Transfers :((((( 5/23/16


Sooooo....we got transfer calls and....I'm leaving :(((((( Sister Gibson is leaving too!! We're pretty sad about it. I'm going to Centerton Arkansas. My new companion is Sister Ball. I'm sure everything will be great I'm just super sad to leave. So we have to prepare everything for the sisters who are going to be shotgunning in :) But I'll get to be in the same zone as Sister Lunt so that will be fun! 
This week we have been super busy with exchanges and stuffs but it's been great!! So guess what??? The less active I was talking about last week came to church!!!!! That was probably the best thing ever because I felt like I came to Tulsa for him. 
We had a couple transition lessons with an investigator named Abraham with the Jenks elders and he had the tiniest dog ever. But he came to a baptism that they were having and I think that the YSA will do him good!! We're going to see him tomorrow to say goodbye. I can't remember what else happened this week. Sorry about that guys haha. Well I love you!!!

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