Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Naders! 5/2/16

So this week has been awesome!!! There was a tornado!!! I guess I prayed it here hahaha jk. But it was super fun!! (Don't kill me mom) but I loved it!! Most exciting thing that's happened!! And I got to drive in it!!! Well not the twister portion but while it was happening!!! So here's what happened. We do missionary work until we hear the sirens and there was a watch all day but it didn't happen until 9:30 at night and our Mission President's wife texted us and told us to get in our bathrooms with our bike helmets and tennis shoes so we put our bean bags in the tub and brought our blankies and pillows and water and flashlights and snacks and our portable dvd player with Meet the Mormons in it! It was great. Then we got a call around 10:30 from our zone leader that all of our district needed to head to the stake center!!!! So we drove in the tornado!! Greatest experience of my life. It was raining like crazy! And I might have disregarded TIWI a bit (he's the terrible device in our car that monitors our speed and driving (love him so much)). So we got to the stake center and the elders started playing basketball. It was a good time! My next wish is to see the tornado. It'll be great. They had another tornado watch on Friday but it didn't come.
Other than the tornado not much happened this week...or at least I can't remember it. Hmm...we had some good lessons with some of our investigators. Eli we had a lesson on the baptismal interview questions and we're moving forward with his baptism date!!! We finally met with Bobby after the Pentecostal experience and this experience has helped him realize why he has a hard time with religion. We talked to him about the Spirit and how it really feels and about prayer! So that was pretty cool. Well I love you all and I hope your week is amazing!!!

Sister Larmouth

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