Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pentacostals: Gotta Love 'em!

Hey Family!!!

So this week has been great!! So we had a lot of progress with our Russian investigator this week but she left yesterday back to Russia :( Tears were shed. But we are going to send the Russian missionaries to her and definitely keep in contact! We biked this week! In the was actually pretty fun. I didn't realize why it was so hard until a member told me I had a flat tire haha. Sooo...great.
On Wednesday we had a lesson with Bobby and his friend was there. His friend wore one of those Chinese rice field hats the whole time...and he is a devout Pentecostal. Well he wasn't very nice during the lesson and near the end he started praying to himself and started having a "spiritual experience" (we have a member there mind you). Then he asks us this question, "Do you shout? Do you fight? Do you participate in spiritual warfare?" uhhhhhh....we fight Satan's temptations?? That's not what he meant. But he started speaking in tongues and we got out of there real fast. Not good feelings there. Well our investigator grew up Pentecostal and some of their doctrines are why he hates religion so he decided to stay away from all religions for a while :( hopefully that will change soon.
We asked his other friend, Eli (at a different lesson), to be baptized and he answered, "I was planning on it" and we were really confused and kind of excited and then he said, "in the Baptist church." Yeah. But we're still meeting with him.
So we're a bit low on investigators right now but we have a couple of really solid potentials! One we met while biking downtown and his friend gave him a book of Mormon a while ago and he really wants to meet with us. Although he hasn't returned any of our calls...

Well I love you all and have a great week!!

Sister Larmouth

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