Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Naysayers 4/18/16

Hola Familia!!!
So this week was pretty great! Yesterday we had two investigators at church and that was pretty neat! Our Russian investigator didn't come though :( She has social anxiety. But she has come a long way this week!!! She actually likes us for starters. Well she likes me. She doesn't really like Sister Gibson for some reason. But we've been over to see lots this week and she prayed 3 times!!! In Russian but she prayed!! She was really adamant at first that she wasn't going to pray but then Sister Gibson and I just bowed our heads and waited for her to start haha. She gave in to the peer pressure. We were going to do some fun things with her today before she leaves on Friday but she bailed...hopefully we'll be able to keep in contact with her.
We had quite the week with negative nancies. First we had a lesson with an investigator (Fatima) on Tuesday and she had another girl there who our investigator picked up off the streets. Her name is Alex and she's super sweet. She asked us if we had any pamphlets so we gave her one and a Book of Mormon. She was already half way through the pamphlet when we started the lesson. Fatima was not very responsive but Alex loved the lesson. Well after our lesson Fatima (who is black) texted us and she found a site that listed every racist thing about our church. And then she went into deeper doctrine as well. We kept on referring her to but soon we just had to stop replying. Her fellowshipper is still trying to help her out but the sad thing is is that the only way we get to see Alex again is through Fatima because we have no other way of contacting her.
Then on Wednesday, we had a district lunch after district council at Chickfila and this guy named Caleb asks if he can sit with us...he brought his "well-read" Book of Mormon and his Bible with him. Then he starts questioning us and quoting Bible scriptures and trying to tell us why we're so wrong. Our district has never  been more unified haha. I don't know why he thought he could try to convince us of our "error" when we literally do this whole mission thing 24/7 for 18 mos.- 2 years. Craziness.
We had a YSA Cookout on Friday and Eli and Bobby (our investigators) showed up and so did our Russian investigator but she didn't get out of the car. So we talked to her by her car and introduced her to someone in the ward who served their mission in Russia. I think she struggles a lot with depression :(
Welp I love you all sooooo much!!! Have the bestest week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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