Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Transfer Calls! 4/4/16


Sooooooo.....I'm staying in the YSA!!!! That's right!!!! I was pretty glad to hear that. A lot of missionaries are staying the same which is unusual...usually one leaves. Sister Lunt is leaving Bartlesville and going to Bella Vista so I won't be able to see her anymore :( But I'm super excited about this transfer!! It's going to be amazing!!

Last week I got to go on a zone outing with not my zone but the Bartlesville zone and they all went fishing. We only went for an hour but it was super fun!!!! I didn't fish because...there were worms and you have to touch the worm...but I skipped rocks and improved my technique :D

Oh guess what!! We got a Russian investigator!! We're kind of scared of her haha. A less active in the branch came up to us after institute and said she keeps asking questions that he can't remember the answers to and that we need to teach her. He told us to do it when she wasn't home so we did!! Turns out she was very angry that he wasn't there haha. But we had another lesson with him there and it was incredible! He bore his testimony and it was perfect! She leaves for Russia in a couple weeks so we have limited time heh heh. But we were going to go hiking today but it was a bit rainy and cold.

We also met with another less active who's name has been sticking out to me for a while but he always bails on lessons. But he finally met with us!!! It was sssuuuchhhh a good lesson. We talked about the Holy Ghost and his mission and he told us that the thing he misses the most is the temple. He has been less active for 6 years and he told us why he went less active (he was offended). We set a goal for him to go back to the temple in a year!!

We also had a lesson with Bobby who we were going to drop. But every time we go to drop him something tells us not to. Soooo we didn't. He has been struggling financially because of his grandfather's funeral so we promised him that if he paid tithing all of his bills would work out!

Well I love you!!!! Have the best week ever!!

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