Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Its only been a week and a half?


I can't believe it's only been a week! I feel like I've been out for months haha (in a good way). Unfortunately I have passed my sickness onto my companion and she has been under the weather for the last couple of days. Yesterday, we stayed at the apartment so she could rest. But it was the best Sunday I've had in a while!!! Sacrament meeting was oober spiritual. Oh ya and I gave a talk :) The topic was the sacrament. I talked about President Seager when the sacrament wasn't prepared and then an experience I had at the MTC. Our teacher, Bro. Heath took us to the chapel (well what was sort of a chapel) and talked about the sacrament and how we need to bring something to the altar each week. It was really a powerful experience. While I was preparing for my talk the night before, all of the sudden I thought about how Jesus Christ asked his disciples to pray as He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. When He returned, He found them sleeping and said, "Could ye not watch with me for one hour?" That was the basis of my talk. The Lord has done so much for us, the least we can do is "watch" with him during sacrament meeting and especially as we partake of the sacrament. I put what I learned to practice during sacrament meeting the next day as I sat up on the stand and I've never had a more spiritual sacrament experience! It was amazing! Sister Richardson (Bishop's wife) spoke on sacrament and the Sabbath as well. After sacrament meeting, Sister De Mie and I taught Gospel Principles (to recent converts and investigators (Duane was there :)) We weren't prepared to teach but the teacher didn't show up so...ha. We taught about having strength in the Lord. At the end, I felt like I should ask everyone how they personally have gained strength in the Lord through the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so strong as people bore their testimonies. Sister De Mie later said that she had the same prompting. 
We currently have two progressing investigators named Patty and Becca (her daughter). They are doing well and are reading the Book of Mormon and praying :D We pushed their baptism back because we felt like they needed more time to learn all of the lessons. We've been focusing a lot on less-actives which has been going really well. The Bishop wants us to help them understand the importance of the gospel in their lives and how it can continually bless them. One of the less-actives has many many dogs. And her home reflects the number of dogs she has in it's smell. The entire time we were visiting her the dogs were licking her face and mouth and drinking out of her cup (which she then drank out of). Oh my goodness it was an interesting experience haha. She's a sweet lady though. 
I've had a couple of hard experiences with food but nothing absolutely revolting so I'm extremely grateful for that haha. And some days are hard but I know that this is where I'm supposed to be and that I'm doing the Lord's work. Love you all!!

Sister Larmouth

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