Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We really need a truck ha

Hi Ya'll!!!

This week was a great and fantastic week!!! I don't think I had any bad food experiences haha. Ok guys. We really need a truck! Yesterday we went to visit a less-active and we plugged it into the GPS and it took us to the middle of nowhere which is not an unusual thing out here haha. But this road it took us to was like what you go four-wheeling on maybe. And we're in this Toyota Corolla going off-roading haha. We kept bottoming our car and we couldn't go back because there was no place to turn around!!! We didn't even end up visiting the guy! Anywho we met two fantastic Pentecostal ladies. We were walking to an appointment and we were early so we knocked on this door and they invited us inside (which doesn't usually happen haha)!! We were able to tell them about the Restoration and we have a return appointment!!! They are the sweetest people ever!!! 
Ok so weirdest/coolest thing! The mission office called and told us to get out a sheet of paper they had an assignment for us! A guy from Utah called and said that his sister wanted the missionaries to come over and that he didn't want just any missionaries to go over there. So President chose my companion and I to go over there and she's is out of our area. So we're going to try to visit her this week but we're super nervous!!! President wants us to report to him after every lesson! And she sounds kind of scary too!! But we'll fast and pray and trust that the Lord will give us the words to say :) 
This is my last week, well full week with my companion which is really sad :( She's been an awesome trainer and she goes home next Friday! I find out if I'm staying in this area and who my new trainer is going to be this Saturday though! I don't want to leave this place!! I love Mountain Grove and all it's rednecks haha!! Well I love you all!!!

Sister Larmouth

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