Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Solos and blisters.....

Hi Ya'll!!! 
This week has had it's ups and downs. Since my companion was sick we had to stay inside Monday and Tuesday. That was difficult. I got really familiar with all of the church dvds haha. On Wednesday, I had my first Zone Training. It was great because our zone leader wanted Sister De Mie and I to sing for it... yep sing. And my companion had this great idea that we should sing solo for one verse each and then come together on the third verse. Well guys, I sang a solo part for the first time in my life. It was terrifying haha. But it went alright. My companion says I have a good voice but I don't whether to believe her or not. I'm leaning towards the not haha. But we sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" and it reminded me of the kids singing it at my farewell!! For the Zone Training, our mission president wanted us to study a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence Corbridge. That is one of the best talks ever written! Read it!!! It's about surrendering our will to the Lord and consecrating our heart to our mission. But it can apply to everyone not just missionaries!!! That talk will definitely change how I approach my mission!
We saw a few miracles this week that were so cool! We went to go visit a recent convert with the convert's sister-in-law but our appointment fell through because she forgot about it. So the sister-in-law still wanted to go out with us so we decided to visit some less-active members. We have been trying to get a hold of one sister for a week and a half now but we can't find where she lives or get a hold of her on the phone. Coincidentally, the member we had with us knew where she lived. When we got there, the lady had had a very difficult week and had relapsed into drinking. She started crying when she saw us because she knew the Lord wanted us to see her. We were able to share a message with her about the love of God. After we visited her, we went to see another less-active family but we missed our turn, so we turned into the cemetery to get back onto the right road. A car was blocking our path out so we waited. A family was next to a grave and was trying to take a picture so we got out to help them. It turns out that the family was a less-active family from West Plains and that they were visiting their grandparents/parent's graves to find a spot for their newly deceased brother/son. We were able to share with them a portion of the Plan of Salvation and pray with them. I knew we were where the Lord needed us to be. 
I love you all!!! 

Sister Larmouth

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