Sunday, December 6, 2015


Hey guys!

So this week was pretty awesome and not so awesome at the same time! For one, I am sick yet again. My companion gave me a cold :( so I am at the Rudolph stage and hopefully I'll feel better by the end of the week! Thanksgiving is going to be awesome! We have three people feeding us! We're going to be a little stuffed by the end of it and quite a bit rounder haha. 
Ooooh guess what?!??! So I went on exchanges to Owasso with our Sister Training Leader and they have a Cane's!!!!! Ahhh it was so amazing. We ate there and I was in heaven it was so great. So this Friday Kim (she's a less active member who has ALS) was able to go to the temple!!!! We tried to get permission to go because of her circumstances but we weren't able to. She had a wonderful time and it was so inspirational to me for her last goal for her life was to go to the temple. 

On Saturday we went contacting former investigators and it is amazing how the Lord works. We only visited two people on our very long list and they both invited us in! The first one is a very strong Christian lady and firm in her beliefs. She has read some interesting material about our beliefs which is always fun but we were able to clear up some of the misconceptions. She had elders visit her before and she felt like they didn't answer her questions but were just reciting a script and she was grateful that we actually answered some of her questions. She's not quite ready to hear the gospel but it was great to see someone with so much faith in Christ. The next lady wasn't actually a former (she must have moved) and her name is Pattsy. She's a little old lady with severe arthritis and she's super sweet. Her daughter knows a member from one of the wards we're in and we taught her a little bit about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. So she's a new investigator and we're going to see her again after the holidays! 

Well I love ya'll so much and hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!!! 

Sister Larmouth

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