Sunday, December 6, 2015

Purification Challenge

Hola Ya'll!

I decided to mix a couple of cultures in there haha. So this week was a good week! I've learned a lot and have had many growing experiences! I've been on exchanges for most of the week in Owasso and in Independence, Kansas. So it's been quite the experience haha. I actually missed being in Bartlesville! 
So on Wednesday we had a zone training and President and the Assistants came down. They introduced the Purification Challenge which our whole mission is going to incorporate. For the challenge you fast and pray one day to know what things in your life that the Lord wants you to give up or start doing and you write them down as the things poke at your heart throughout the day. It can be something that doesn't make sense as to why it would affect your spirituality (like I have to give up cereal (feel free to give me suggestions on foods for breakfast haha)) but the missionaries who originally did it saw how they were purified by giving up these things for 40 days. They had the Spirit with them at all times and were able to have a power that they never had before. You pray everyday for strength and help so that you will continue to abstain from the things on your list or do the things that the Lord wanted you to do. And if you give in to temptation, you ask for forgiveness and then get up and try again. You do this for 40 days and the missionaries who did this said that the desire to do those things they were abstaining from was gone. So I fasted yesterday to know which things I needed to give up and some things on my list was: selling my truck, not eating cereal, no sarcasm, no song or movie quotes, etc. So for the next forty days I will try my absolute hardest with the Lord's strength to do as he would have me do so that I can share his gospel with the Spirit. I also invite you all to do this challenge with me! It's not only for missionaries!
So this week we went service tracting (we had a couple a rakes and went to a leafy house and knocked on their door and asked if we could rake their leaves). We knocked on a little old man's door and he started crying when we offered to help him rake his yard. He helped us a little bit and we were able to talk to him and find out about his life. It was awesome! We'll definitely go back there! 
Well I love you all!

Sister Larmouth

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