Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pure Craziness!

Hey Guys!!

So this week has probably been the most insane and challenging week of my mission so far. Wow. But I am really looking forward to a nice relaxing week with no exchanges and returning to a normal routine. So this week on Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Ensign who is serving in Owasso right now. She came to Bartlesville and Sister Lunt, my companion, went to Owasso. Sister Ensign was actually my companion's MTC companion. A lot of plans fell through...pretty much all of them haha. We went on 4 exchanges this week...that is not supposed to happen but there were extenuating circumstances that caused us to have to do emergency exchanges with some sisters. I only got to be with my companion that I'm supposed to be training on Monday and Tuesday and half of Thursday...that's pretty insane. 
This week we had a General Authority tour our mission. Elder Foster!! He taught us a lot and it was really cool!! I've also learned throughout the week that Christ will enable us to do anything that he needs us to do. We just need to trust him! I love you all!! 

Sister Larmouth

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