Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!

This week has been crazy and super fun! So that's good! So last Monday we found out that the sister in our zone that was having a hard time was going home. So Tuesday morning President called me and asked if we could drop her off at the airport in Tulsa and then have the home-bound sister's companion, Sister Millett, join our companionship! So we're a trio now!!! Sister Millett and Sister Lunt were in the same home ward back in Spanish Fork so they know each other a little bit! We've had a lot of fun together this last week and I think it was really good for Sister Millett to finally be able to do some missionary work! She has had such a hard mission so far and she is such an inspiration to me! It was really surreal to be in the airport dropping Sister Reeder off...the lighting was perfect for the occasion and there was this slow kind of music playing in the background. It literally felt like we were in a movie as we waved goodbye haha. 
We had our mission conference yesterday which was sooooooo much fun!! I loved being able to see everyone and being spiritually edified while having fun! I will send pictures!! 
So this week we saw a part-member family, well the nonmember in the family, and the Spirit was so strong as we talked to her. She told us of an experience her mother had when she was giving birth to her (Priscilla). So her mother went into labor when she was 5 months pregnant. The doctors told her that the baby would likely not survive and if she did than there would be many medical problems and that she would be around 2 to 3 pounds. So they told her that she needed to push or the baby would suffocate. Well, Priscilla's mom said that before she pushed she needed to pray. She told Heavenly Father that this was his child and if He wanted her then that was alright. But she asked that if it would be okay she would like to raise the baby. Priscilla was born weighing over 4 pounds and perfectly healthy and she went home a day later. When Priscilla was a teenager and rebelling, her mother prayed to know what to do because of the path her daughter was taking and she had a dream. In the dream she was taken back to the time when she was giving birth to Priscilla and she saw that after she prayed, the hands of the Lord molded more weight onto Priscilla before she was born. She was told that Priscilla would pass this phase in her life and become a remarkable woman. And that she is!! She has taken in children who had no other place to go and has lived a great life! She is basically LDS and doesn't know it! So we are going to teach her after the holidays!

Another miracle this week, so I was super bummed about our indicators (numbers of lessons and other things that we keep track of) because they were so low last week (due to so many emergency exchanges) and I told my companions that we were going to hit the standard (for the mission it is 20 lessons in a week) this week if it killed us. By Saturday we only had 10 lessons but Sister Lunt and I (Sister Millett went to Skiatook (her previous area) with a member) tracted for quite a long time in the freezing cold at nighttime and guess how many lessons we got?!?! 10!!! The Lord is willing to bless us when we show him we are willing to make the effort! We found many potentials who we will teach next week!! Well I love you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Sister Larmouth

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