Monday, October 19, 2015

I don't like transfers....

Hi Youins! (yes people actually say that down here)

Well this week was fantastic and then transfer calls came...and I'm leaving Mountain Grove!! So this Thursday I'll be heading to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My new companion's name is Sister Murray and we'll be covering two areas I think! Agh I don't want to leave here! I love this area and all of the people here! As I was thinking about it though, it's a good thing I'm sad to be leaving because if I wasn't then that means I didn't give anything to the area. I truly put my heart and soul into the work here in Mountain Grove and loved a lot of people! As I look back, these last three of months have changed me a lot and I'm so grateful that the Lord stuck me here in Mountain Grove! I know that I'll soon feel the same way about Bartlesville too.
We had exchanges at the beginning of the week which was fun! We found a lot of people that we could teach! Oh guess what??? We got four new investigators this week and we'll probably get two more this week! One investigator couple fed us and we taught them. They have a lot of questions because they have been studying with the Jehovah Witnesses. Some of their questions are really interesting haha. The other couple, the lady was a former investigator (I can't remember if I told you this story so I'm gonna tell it again haha) and she moved in with her boyfriend in Hartfield and stopped meeting with the missionaries. Well we lost track of her because she moved again and while we were tracting in a trailer park we asked a lady (who was not interested at all haha) if there was anybody around that could use a message and she pointed over to a trailer and said "Those people need Jesus." So when we knocked on the door it was Leatha! We've taught her last Friday and she's been having a rough go of it. But she wants to start the lessons again! 
On Saturday, our ward had a service project for some elderly people in the ward. A whole bunch of people showed up and they put up a fence for the horses and we landscaped. It was awesome! Then we had a chili cook off afterwards. I was tired after that haha. 
Well I hope ya'll have a good week!! Next time I write I'll be in Oklahoma!!! Love you!

Sister Larmouth

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