Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey ya'll!!

So I'm officially in Okie ville. Bartlesville...where to begin. It's really really big compared to my last area. I'm used to the rural areas and this is definitely not rural haha. It feels bigger because it's a suburb. But I'll probably get used to it soon. It was really hard to leave Mtn. Grove! But I'm determined to love this place just as much or even more! But before I left I was able to get a blessing from Bishop Richardson. I love his blessings! He's so in tune with the Spirit! But it was a great comfort to me. Duane and Belle (not members but our neighbors who love us lots) had a fire and we roasted hot dogs and starbursts. It was awesome! It reminded me a bit of home. I introduced them to roasted starbursts which they loved :D 
So my new companion is Sister Murray. She's been out one transfer longer than I have and she's a sister training leader! She's really nice so this transfer will probably be pretty awesome :) The wards that we're over seem pretty good too. We have like 18 referrals which is pretty dang amazing! In one of the wards, the ward mission leader is pretty pumped and is getting the ward excited to do missionary work so that's pretty awesome! He's having different auxilaries schedule some of our days which is how missionary work should be! There's like three different tiers of missionary work:
1. We go out and teach people the gospel. This way is good.
2. They members go out with us and help us with our missionary work. This way is better.
3. We help members with their missionary work. This way is best.
And the latter is what our ward mission leader is working on which is so cool! I've really been focusing on good, better, and best lately. Some of the things that I do are good things, but are they the best things? Food for thought haha. 
We had the Primary Program yesterday which was so cute! Kids are great haha. Well I hope all ya'll have a fantastic week!!!

Sister Larmouth

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