Monday, October 19, 2015

I am NOT pregnant!!

Hi Ya'll!!
How is everybody?? So this has been a fantastic week!! Especially with General Conference at the end!! So remember how I told you I gained ten pounds?? Well we were talking with a recent convert's crazy mother, and I mean this lady probably needs to be institutionalized, and we have a member with us (who is about to leave on his mission) and she asks if I'm pregnant!! So we all start laughing and then say no, no I'm not pregnant thank you very much and then she says it's probably because I drank sweet tea with radiation in it hahahaha (Mormons don't drink tea). So I'm either pregnant or breaking the Word of Wisdom haha. I'm going to have to do some ab workouts or people will start to get the wrong idea! I'm trying to find solace in the fact that she's crazy, but I have to admit my tummy is getting a bit rounder haha. 
So we had a pretty dang good week! We found a lot of potentials and part-member families that we are going to start teaching. I can't wait! Yesterday, we had an appointment with a lady that we met last Sunday. Unfortunately, she wasn't there. We didn't know what to do so we decided to go somewhere else. As we were driving I just felt wrong about going where we were going. So we decided to turn around and go back to visit the lady we had an appointment with. As we drove up, her husband came and talked to us and told us that she wasn't there. I have never felt the Spirit so strong with someone that I have just met. I knew that that was where we were supposed to be and that that family was primed to hear the gospel. I can't wait to teach them!! 
Conference was amazing!!! All the talks were amazing but the Sunday Morning Session just blew me away!! It was so hard to watch President Monson struggle to stand as he spoke. I already love the new Apostles that were called! And President Nelson's talk about women was fantastic!! And of course I loved Elder Holland's talk about mothers! Sister Marriott's was awesome too! I can't wait to be able to read all of the talks so I can remember what was said!!! 
I love you all!!! 

Sister Larmouth

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