Sunday, August 2, 2015

Second week at the MTC and off we go......

Hola famila y amigas!!!

I thought I would channel a little bit of Terah haha. So this week has had it's ups and downs but I'm on the upside now so all's good :D I've been living off of cereal mainly...and it's the off-brand kind. But I'm not complaining haha. I'm glad they have cereal out for every meal. The spiritual experiences I've had this week have been amazing!!! On Monday, my companion and I had already planned our lesson for our "investigator" (he's actually one of our teachers) and ten minutes before the lesson while we were studying some scriptures about prayer in class we both looked at each other and said we need to scratch our lesson. So we met with our investigator and talked about prayer. It was based on King Limhi's story with Aaron from the Book of Mormon. It was so fantastic and the Spirit was so strong. Our investigator finally committed to pray and so yay!!! Though Monday night we met for the first time with our TRC investigator and that didn't go so well...So I got a bit discouraged but after a lot of prayer I got through it and our other lessons have been considerably better! 
I have a love hate relationship with the MTC haha. I hate it because we're inside all of the time and my bum hurts a lot from the hard chairs but my goodness it is so spiritual!!!! I have learned soo much about teaching and planning and the gospel and I've come to love it sooo much! We watched "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar which is only available to see in the MTC and he talked about how Christ in His hardest times always turned outward. So that's my new goal! I don't think I'm doing very well yet but hopefully I'll get there haha. 
My district is absolutely amazing and I love them. It's going to be hard to leave them but I am so ready to get to Arkansas! I already have such a love for the people there and for my Mission President. Ok guys! You all need to help the missionaries!!! If it's giving referrals or going to lessons with them or inviting people to church. We've been given such a beautiful knowledge of the gospel we all need to share it with everyone. I was oober bad at it before I left but I know the importance of it now! I have been so blessed and I can't wait to go out into the mission and invite others to come unto Christ. I love you all!!!

Sister Larmouth

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